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          Intelligent Storage System Solution

             Intelligent storage system solution   

             solution components: 

             ⚪ shelves

             ⚪ roadway stacker

             ⚪ in-and-out storage platform

             ⚪ in-and-out conveyor

             ⚪ automatic control system

             ⚪ scheduling software

             Product positioning   

             ⚪ three-dimensional warehouse is divided into raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse and semi-finished product warehouse

             ⚪ providing customers in different industries with customized intelligent warehousing and logistics system solutions, mainly including intelligent warehousing solutions, intelligent production solutions, intelligent distribution solutions, Internet of things and intelligent logistics informationize.

             Solution advantages   

             ⚪ the overall scheme has high safety factor, strong flexibility, wide adaptability

             ⚪ modular design and strong interchangeability